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Current Kappa Upsilon Committees and Chairs 2022


Jason Mosley

Focuses on strengthening the connection and camaraderie between brothers in the fraternity.


Matt Lennon

Sets up opportunities for brothers to volunteer at places like: Habitat for humanity, soup kitchens, and other places. Each brother is required to get 10 hours of service a semester.


Adrian Pellegrini

In charge of raising funds for the house through different events. Such as hosting a Dine-to-Donate or Selling Fiji merchandise.

Graduate Relations

Stuart Struna

Stays in constant contact with Graduate Brothers. They also create and design the house newsletter each semester.


Maverick Jefferson

In charge of coordinating teams of brothers for Intramural Sports.

Internal Philanthropy

Zack Boesch

Tasked with planning and executing our chapter's philanthropy events.

External Philanthropy

Joey Lococo

Coordinates with other student organizations to help with their philanthropies.

New Member Education

Zack Boesch

Educate pledges of this chapter about our history, values, and lay the foundation for the pledges to grow upon.


Stuart Struna

Tasked with recruiting new members into the chapter and hosting recruitment events.

Risk Management

Matt Lennon

Always ensuring that all brothers are safe, in addition to mitigating or removing risks that could harm the house or the brothers.


Isaac Balistreri

In charge of making sure all brothers meet the minimum GPA. If the brother doesn't, then this committee helps them get back on track.

Social Chair

Nik Shukaitis & Mitch Grosjean

Plans and executes all social events including formals, date nights, etc.. 

Built To Lead Chair

Stuart Struna

Holds education sessions to continue to develop courageous leaders and make sure brothers get the most out of their undergraduate experience.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Chair

Stuart Struna

Holds education sessions to make people of various backgrounds feel welcome.

Public Relations

Achille Paolino

In charge of all Kent State Phi Gamma Delta Social Media accounts.

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